About us

Venture capitalists bump into each other at tech conferences, demo days, tech awards and pitch events. This is great, but we believe we all appreciate and enjoy a more structured agenda of gatherings. Why? Because expanding your professional circle is important and hanging out with likeminded people is fun!

VEECEE has been established by a few young venture capitalists, for European venture capitalists. We aim to further ignite passion, share experiences, strengthen our network, and make it easier for international VCs to connect to their peers. Our ultimate goal is twofold: To make us become even more active members of the local startup ecosystem and to share learnings with entrepreneurs, founders and investors. Today we organise events in Amsterdam, London and Berlin.

As we want to be helpful, insightful and supportive to the start-up ecosystem, we share posts and anecdotes and cover topics such as pitching, KPIs, valuations, business models, and recruitment. The posts are short and punchy and might bring you in the mind of investors. We also organise distinct workshops for our members, mainly thanks to our sponsors!

A VEECEE is a person who invests in a business venture, providing capital for start-up or expansion.



Our gallery contains a selection of images from recent and past VEECEE events. As you can see, the events are fun and informal and have a palpably great vibe! We hope to welcome you soon.