From Pieter Welten – Prime Ventures (@pieterwelten)

Blog post disclaimer: This is not a very insightful blog post at all! You might enjoy it though J I also want to disclose that I am a big fan of Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes!

So, I like cartoons – they engage and entertain us in a fun, chilling and special way. They often depict themes, issues, news, thoughts, people, trends etc. in a humorous and relevant manner. Sometimes they persuade you. Sometimes they make you laugh. Sometimes they start conversations. Sometimes they rock a boat! Sometimes they are not that good..

Anyhow, since I read a lot of stuff online (for work) I often come across tech related cartoons. They often visualize a small subset of a larger trend, or tech hype. Some current tech hypes include the blockchain, cloud computing, data security, robotics, artificial intelligence and wearables. Although to me it is impossible to pick the best or most hilarious tech related cartoons that I have come across, I wanted to share a few with you that I have seen over the last couple of months and that I very much enjoyed ‘reading’. Calvin might be a ‘misunderstood genius’, yet his reasoning and thought processes react to a lot in real life! Like all the following cartoons do..