By Ilan Goudsmit – Endeit Capital (@ilangoudsmit)
Over the past twenty-four months many existing and newly established Dutch venture capital funds raised funds as well as a significant number of Dutch corporates set up venture arms. This is great for the evolvement of the Dutch startup ecosystem.
To improve the interaction, expertise and deal syndication between these investors, add more value to their portfolio companies and connect them with local entrepreneurs and corporates, the VEECEE initiative was created. Since October 2015 it organises quarterly events to accomplish these goals. The first event was all about young tech VCs getting in touch with each another; the second was about learning from all types of VCs from different sectors. The reactions so far have been great. We are privileged to have dedicated partners such as ABN AMRO, PwC and Houthoff to support us with this. We are also in the process of creating with them master classes for VC professionals.
For a lot of the European based companies we invested in or are about to invest in, Dutch VC’s would like to partner with foreign VC’s and foreign corporate VC’s for their industry expertise or knowledge and connections to help these companies establishing a strong footprint in a certain region. To stimulate this, for the next event on May 26 VEECEE will partner with The Next Web Conference and Startup Fest Europe to connect foreign VC’s with each other and to link them to Dutch VC’s. To apply for it, use this link. We look forward meeting you and introducing you to relevant investors.
The VEECEE team